🎒Getting Help with Kiosk Issues

Getting Help With a Technical Problem

Printer Issues

If your printer is out of paper, toner, or if you're experiencing another issue, please contact the nearest staff member.

Virtual Court Navigators can help with minor technical issues including:

  • Turning on your camera during a virtual meeting

  • Camera not working

  • Scanning or printing documents and forms

  • Turning on a microphone during a virtual meeting

  • Navigating the kiosk interface

  • Not able to find a document you scanned or saved

If the issue is more complicated, the Virtual Court Navigator will be able to reach out to our tech support company on your behalf.

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Or, let a staff person know you are having issues.

If you are experiencing other technical issues, please let the nearest staff person know. They will be able to contact the technology servicer. Technical issues include:

  • If the kiosk computer does not start

  • If your kiosk reboots and does not come back online

  • If your kiosk is having difficulty connecting to the wifi

  • If an application (like Zoom) will not load

Getting Help with a Non-Technical Problem

For help with a non-technical problem, such as finding the right legal information for your issue, you can also contact the Virtual Court Navigators.

To learn more about how a Virtual Court Navigator can help you, go to Get Help from Virtual Court Navigators

Here are a few reliable options for getting legal advice.


To provide any feedback and/or complaints, please feel free to email us at kiosks@tlsc.org.

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