👷‍♀️How to Move a Kiosk


This information is provided as general guidance and best practices.

TLSC does not warrant that following these guidelines/best practices will keep each and every possible accident from occurring when moving the Virtual Court Kiosk.

Please take extra care when moving a Virtual Court Kiosk.

If an accident happens in conjunction with a Virtual Court Kiosk and/or moving it, please let TLSC know as soon as possible by contacting kiosks@tlsc.org or call us at (866) 979-4343.

Before You Begin

Moving a kiosk is best done with two people, if possible.

Make sure to:

  • Ensure the path is clear of any obstacles (wires, books, trash, etc.).

  • Clean the desk of any loose items.

  • Move the chair way from the desk

1. Shut Down the Computer

  • Turn off the computer by holding down the power button on the lower left-hand corner of the bezel.

2. Turn Off the Printer

  • Press the power button to turn the printer off, and then disconnect the power cable from the electrical outlet.

3. Lower the Monitor Arm and Desk To Its Lowest Position

Reference: Adjusting the Height of the Kiosk Desk

4. Unlock the Wheels at the Bottom of the Desk

5. Unplug Cables from the Wall, and Wrap the Cables Around the Back of the Kiosk

  • Move the kiosk away from the wall

  • Unplug the power cables from the Wall.

  • (If applicable) Unplug any Internet connection cables from the Wall.

  • Grab the power cables and wrap them around the wire wraps on the back of the Virtual Court Kiosk so they are not dangling from the Virtual Court Kiosk.

  • (If applicable) grab the internet connection cables and wrap them around one of the wire wraps on the back of the kiosk, so it is not dangling from the Virtual Court Kiosk

6. Ensure the Path is Clear

Clear any and all debris and obstacles from your way before moving it.

7. Move the Kiosk

Move at a slow and steady pace.

8. Once to it's the destination stop it a few feet from the wall

9. Unwrap Cords from the Back of the Kiosk, and Plug Them In

10. Move the Kiosk against the Wall, and Lock the Wheels.

11. Adjust Desk and Monitor Arm to a good height for use.

12. Turn on the Printer and PC.

13: Ensure Virtual Court Kiosk is Ready for Use

  • Make sure the camera is working

  • Ensure that the home screen is displaying for the user

  • Move the chair back to the kiosk

  • Do a visual review of the Virtual Court Kiosk to make sure it looks professional and ready for a user.

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