🏷️Changing Your Name in a Video Meeting

Virtual Court Kiosks are perfect for attending a meeting with an attorney, participating in a virtual clinic, or attending a court hearing online. Virtual Court Kiosks are set up with video meeting software already, so all you need is your meeting information. To learn more about how to join a virtual meeting, read more here.

Change Your Name in Zoom

When you enter a Zoom meeting, you will automatically enter with the name "Kiosk" or "Guest". Please make sure to change your name so others can see who they are speaking with.

  1. Once you're in a Zoom meeting, click on Participants on the bottom toolbar. This should bring up a list of the meeting participants on the right of your screen.

  1. Hover your mouse over your name (in the example below, "Kiosk(me)") until you see the button for More >.

  1. Click on More > and then on Rename.

  1. Please enter your first and last name. Then click OK.

You should now see your real name listed.

Change Your Name in Teams

Before joining a Teams meeting you are able to add your name to the "Enter Name" section then click "Join Now".

Presently, Teams does not allow you to change your name while in a browser meeting. With this being said, it is important to enter your name correctly before joining the Teams meeting.

Change Your Name in Webex

If you're a participant, you can only change your own in-meeting display name.

  1. Edit the participant from the video thumbnail, or participants list:

  1. Edit the display name, and click Save.

Change Your Name in CourtCall

Both hosts and participants can change the display name in the CourtCall application during a hearing. Hosts can change the names for other participants, but participants can only change their own name. This is done in the participant sidebar.

  1. Hover over your name

  2. Click on the β€œset display name” which is accessed via the icon that looks like a pencil. This opens a form that can be edited and saved.

  1. Once confirmed, via the check mark, the display name will update and will be visible by others in the meeting.

Read our other support articles to learn how to share your screen and give another meeting participant remote control of your kiosk during a virtual meeting.

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