🗓️Calendar Integrations

Sync your existing calendar with the Virtual Court Kiosk's calendar to help you manage reservations.

Types of Calendar Integrations

One-way Calendar Sync

Reservations appear on your existing calendar. Flexbooker generates an iCal feed, and the feed is shared with your existing calendar. iCal feeds work with most types of calendars including Outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple iCal.

Two-way Calendar Sync

Reservations appear on your existing calendar and events on your existing calendar are blocked off on your kiosk calendar.

The kiosk's calendar can integrate directly with your external Google, Outlook, or iCloud calendar to synchronize events and bookings in both directions. New kiosk reservations will automatically appear in your external calendar. New events added to your external calendar will automatically block off reservation availability on your kiosk's calendar.

The 2-way calendar sync is particularly useful for locations with Virtual Court Kiosks in rooms that are frequently used for other purposes. It prevents Virtual Court Kiosk reservations when your room is being used for another event.

Setting up a One-way Calendar Sync

Part A: Generate an iCal Feed with Flexbooker

  1. From your login page, click Setup in the header

  2. Click on External Calendars on the left hand menu and then on + Add Feed under iCal Feeds.

  3. With the dropdown next to Choose New Feed Kiosk, select the name of your location.

Important: Do not select the name of your staff account. The staff account will be used to manage the reservations but will not contain any reservations.

  1. Click Save. This will generate a feed URL that will allow you to access the kiosk's calendar with another. The feed URL will look similar to this (although each feed you publish will have its own unique URL): https://www.flexbooker.com/iCal/f334de67-a37d-4b0e-a380-833459b73458

If using Microsoft Office or Outlook as your calendar: Due to a non-standard way that these programs handle timezones, please add this to the end of the URL for your feed: ?forOutlook=true. It should look like this after: https://www.flexbooker.com/iCal/f334de67-a37d-4b0e-a380-833459b73458?forOutlook=true

Part B: Import Your Flexbooker Calendar Feed Into Your Calendar

Almost all calendar systems support the iCal feed published from your FlexBooker account.

  1. Open a new browser window and go to Google Calendar. Click on the dropdown button (or the "Add" link in the old Google Calendar version) in the "Other Calendars" section on the left-hand side.

  2. Choose "Add by URL".

  3. On the pop-up, paste the URL of your FlexBooker iCal Feed in the selected text field.

  4. Click "Add Calendar" to finish.

Setting Up a Two-way Calendar Sync

1. Email us to let us know you'd like to set up the 2-way calendar sync.

Please include the email address associated with your external calendar.

2. Log in to FlexBooker here with the new account details we give you.

We will give you temporary log in access to the kiosk's account. Once you receive the credentials, log in to the kiosk's account where the reservations are stored, and link it to your external calendar. This login will not be your usual staff account used to manage reservations.

3. From your login page, click Setup in the header

4. Click on External Calendars on the left hand menu and then on + Add Calendar Integration under Other Calendar Integrations.

5. Sign in to the email account associated with your external calendar.

Confirm you are giving FlexBooker access to your external calendar.

6. Verify which calendar you would like to sync with, and choose how to handle appointments.

Some providers allow you to have multiple calendars under one account.

Choose the first option: "Push all Flexbooker bookings into my external calendar, and block times in Flexbooker when I'm marked as busy in my external calendar (MOST POPULAR)"

7. Click Save and Begin Synchronization.

When complete, you should see events from your external calendar marked as busy on your kiosk calendar and kiosk reservations on your external calendar.

Don't forget to sign out of the kiosk's account. The access you were granted is temporary and you will not be able to manage the reservations on that account. Please sign back into your original account with your email and the password you created initially.

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