🙂Supporting Kiosk Users

We know you want to help people as much as we do. Here are a few issues that may come up, and ways you can support:

Issue: Client Needs Help Attending Virtual Court or Navigating the Kiosk Interface

Virtual Court Navigators are available to help users. Refer to: Get Help from Virtual Court Navigators

Issue: Multiple People Who Need to Use the Kiosk

Helpful Articles:

👩‍🔧pageGet Help from Virtual Court Navigators🖥️pageHow to Use the Kiosk Computer

Locations listing:

Technical and Equipment Issues

Virtual Court Navigators can help with minor technical issues. If they are unable to help, refer to:

🆘pageTroubleshooting Kiosk Computer Issues🖨️pagePrinter Issues and Ordering Supplies

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