🗓️Changing Your Reservable Hours

If your location's regular hours have changed, please let us know at kiosks@tlsc.org.

Changing the Kiosk's Regular Hours

1. After logging in, click Setup in the header.

2. On the Setup tab, click on Schedules on the left-hand menu.

You should see the schedule already set up for your location.

It is important that we only use Flexible Schedules and not "Fixed Schedules". Your account should already be set up with Flexible Schedules

Other options on this screen
  • Kiosk: This will say your location's name.

  • Services: Reserve Kiosk. This does not change.

  • Buffer Time: This is the amount of time added to the beginning and end of each reservation. This will allow for staff to sanitize between clients, video meetings that go over time, or clients that are running late. This can be changed by clicking on "1 hour". It will bring up the Schedule Buffer Time setting box. Feel free to change this time. Click Save when you are done. If you do change the buffer time, please let TLSC know by emailing kiosks@tlsc.org.

  • Advanced Options: Project-specific settings that should not be changed.

3. Change your regular hours.

On the right side of the schedule, you will see the set hours that a user may reserve a kiosk. Click on the hours to pull up the editor. For example, if you close at 5, and want to make sure any kiosk users are done well in advance of closing, you can change your closing time to 4:30.

Make sure to account for your opening and closing hours. For example, if your location closes at 5 PM, you may want kiosks to only be reservable until 4:30 PM.

You can manually change the times in the text boxes or click Copy Times to Other Days to speed up the process. Make sure to click Save Schedule Hours when you are done editing.

Blocking Specific Times and Days

Sometimes you may want to prevent people from reserving your kiosk on a specific day and time, such as a holiday.

1. After logging in, click on Calendar in the header.

2. Click the green Create New dropdown and then click New Block.

3. Configure your block by adding the date and a name for the event.


  • If you choose to name the block then that title will appear in the calendar.

  • Make sure the start and end times match the time that you would like to block and then click "Save".

  • You can also create repeating blocks, by toggling the "Repeat Block" option

  • And then hit the "Save" button to save the block you created.

4. You should now see the block on the calendar view.

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