📚Best Practices

Virtual Court Kiosk Presentation and Readiness

All host sites are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure that the Virtual Court Kiosk maintains a clean and professional appearance for users, including:

  • Making sure the desk is clear of any papers or debris and that the floor around the kiosk is clean, on a daily basis.

  • Please try to wipe down the headphones with the provided solution and wipes, after each use, or at least once per day.

  • Making sure the mouse, monitor, and keyboard are clean on a weekly basis.

  • Ensure that the printer has paper and toner on a daily basis, and to replace the printer/toner as needed. TLSC does not provide paper and toner to host sites, except as otherwise specifically agreed.

Virtual Court Kiosk Safety and Security

All host sites are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure Virtual Court Kiosk equipment is not stolen or damaged. This does not mean that host sites incur financial or legal liability for any such theft or damage. Please take the following precautions:

  • Check that all Virtual Court Kiosk equipment is still there and not visibly damaged on a daily basis.

  • If a piece of equipment is stolen or damaged, please contact us at kiosks@tlsc.org and let us know, so TLSC can replace the damaged item(s).

User Coordination and Moderation

Managing Kiosk Use

All host sites are expected to ensure that users are able to use the Virtual Court Kiosk at their appointed time and give priority to people attending a court hearing. This includes:

Letting users know where the kiosk is. If the kiosk is being used, let the user know where to wait.

Ensuring the kiosk will be free at a user's appointed time. If someone is using a kiosk and there is an upcoming reservation, warn the current user that a reservation is coming and they will need to end their session. Let the user know when the kiosk will next be available and/or how to schedule a reservation.

  • Situation 1: If the current user is not attending a court proceeding, please give a warning up to 45 minutes ahead of time.

  • Situation 2: If the current user is attending a court proceeding and there is an upcoming reservation, warn the current user at least 3 hours ahead of time.

They will need to end their session to allow the appointment-holder to start their session at the kiosk at the appointed time.

Handling Difficult Users

If you need help handling a difficult user, feel free to contact TLSC at kiosks@tlsc.org or by phone at (866) 979-4343. TLSC will take over and try our best to help. We are available to answer host site requests for help from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Host sites are not expected to provide legal information, legal resources, and/or legal advice to users.

Providing Feedback on Kiosk Usage and Issues

We need your help and insight to ensure kiosks are performing optimally and to help users. One easy way you can do this is by answering the once every three weeks host site survey. We appreciate all of your feedback!

Getting Support

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