🎉Outreach and Promotional Materials

TLSC creates materials for host sites to promote the kiosk. Some materials can be printed at an office or home computer; others must be requested from TLSC.


For information about Virtual Court Kiosks including locations, direct people to our website at www.tlsc.org/kiosks.

Quickstart Guide

The Quickstart Guide is attached to every kiosk. It is also available for download below.

Social Media and Website Images

Download images to use on your location's social media accounts.

Flyers with Location (Self-print)

Print these black-and-white flyers easily on a home or office printer with standard paper (8.5in x 11in). Each location has a flyer in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. Download the flyer file to print.

Frequently Asked Questions Sheet (Self-print)

Download and print the FAQs sheet for your kiosk. This sheet prints on standard 8.5in x 11in paper.


The one-pagers explain what the kiosk is and how to use it to your visitors and clients. Digital versions for emailing are available for download.

Rack Cards

Place rack cards in heavily trafficked areas to take home. Rack cards may also be places in other locations (organizations, businesses, etc) to let people know about your location's kiosk. Order more through our request form.

Wallet Cards

Wallet cards are business card-sized to be given out freely. Order more through our request form.


On-location Posters

Place posters in heavily trafficked areas to let people know the kiosk available to use. Posters were mailed to all locations. Order another poster through our request form.

Posters with Location Information

Posters are available with kiosk location information. Place these in locations nearby to let people know about the kiosk at your site.

Window Stickers

Add the sticker to a window near the entrance of your building. Stickers let people know they are in the right place to use a kiosk. Order a window sticker through our request form.

Order Printed Outreach Materials for Your Location

If you would like to request any printed materials, please order more through our request form.

Feedback and Suggestions

Have suggestions for promoting the kiosks? Please email kiosks@tlsc.org or TLSC Communications Manager at smaloney@tlsc.org.

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